Custom Axle

Custom Axle Building

Weather you need a custom Portal 9" hybrid, a Solid Axle Front High Pinion 60, or just would like your housing narrowed. EMS Offroad is your one stop shop.

Looking for a different/stronger axle? Our experienced sales staff will work with you, and your budget, to get you the axle that will best suit your needs. Just a few brands we build from include: Spyder Trax, Solid Axle, Currie, Moser, Crane, and Tera. Sure you could never go wrong with a brand new high pinion 60 with 300M axle shafts, but it may be considered a bit much for a Suki with 31" tires.

Not only can we build a complete housing for you. We can take your supplied housing and narrow it, re-tube it, install the gears and lockers, and even build and install the required brackets for most applications.

New vs. Used

Both have there good points. The New ones are, well New. Also a new axle will gain the fact that over the years they have done a lot of improvements to the housings, stronger materials, better pinion angles, thicker castings, etc. All of these improvements do come at a cost. This happens to be, you guessed it, the cost. A used housing can be a great start to a build, since you could find a front Dana 60 complete for less the just a new center section.

Simple truth told: 90% of all used axle housings are in perfect shape. All the parts that are worn out are getting replaced anyway. This leaves one thing left to check, the housing. There are only 3 things to consider with a used housing: Is it bent? Are the bearing bores good? Is housing rusted and pitted too much to use/look good? If all things fore mentioned are good, you might as well save a few greenbacks and start with a used housing.

We stock many different options that are ready to be assembled for you rig. A few of the axles that have decided to keep in stock include: CJ Dana 44 Fronts; YJ/TJ/XJ - Rear Dana 60, rear 8.8, rear Dana 44, front High Pinion 44, front High Pinion 60.

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